Crane Hoists

Crane Hoists

Whether you are using a single girder or double girder bridge crane, a jib crane, or a workstation crane, it’s important to have the right crane hoist for the application to make your operation successful. Uesco Cranes is a master distributor for the top brands of chain and wire rope hoists. For many years we have served thousands of organizations, helping them to use the appropriate hoists for their overhead material handling needs.

Crane Hoist Types

Because the requirements of the end user of our overhead crane solutions varies from one application or environment to another, and because of the various configurations of our cranes, we carry many different types of hoists with various capacities, lengths, speeds, and functions. The following are the major classifications of hoist types:

Electric Chain Hoists

electric chain hoistWith capacities from 1/8 ton through 3 tons, electric chain hoists are among the more popular low-capacity hoist options among our end users. You can choose from a variety of different configurations with varying control types, trolley configurations, lift heights, and voltage.

Air Chain Hoists

air chain hoistThese hoists are excellent for work environments requiring no sparks with low headroom. They are powered using compressed air, and they have a wide range of lifting capacities, lift heights, and speed options.

Hand Chain Hoists

hand chain hoistHand Chain Hoists are the most cost-effective types of hoist. The are great is tight spaces with low headroom, and they do not require electrification. However, even though they don’t require electrical power, don’t be fooled. They are rugged and able to handle lifting up to 10 tons or more.

Lever Chain Hoists

level chain hoistAnother hoist option that does not require electrical power is the use of lever chain hoists. These highly efficient models are used for a variety of applications for both indoor and outdoor use. .

Wire Rope Hoists

wire rope hoistWhen you need to do heavy lifting, call upon your wire rope hoists to fit the bill. They offer faster lifting speeds, lower headroom, and more capacity than standard chain hoists. Available in both top running and under running configurations, wire rope hoists are available in the widest possible capacity range, some exceeding 35 tons.

Hoists Brands

Uesco Cranes is proud to be a distributor for the following brands:

  • CM
  • Coffing
  • R&M Materials Handling, Inc.
  • Harrington Hoists
  • Budgit
  • Shaw-Box
  • Yale Hoists
  • Detroit Hoists